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PCYC is a charity helping youth survive & thrive, in partnership with NSW Police.

PCYC is a safe place to help young people survive a crisis. Our FIT FOR programs - run under the NSW Police RISEUP strategy - provide mentoring and skills that help youth reconnect with family, education, culture and employment. We're Young people develop resilience and a skill-set to cope with life.

PCYC’s sporting activities, leadership programs, and community engagement empower youth to thrive, transforming their lives.

PCYC programs vary according to local community need across New South Wales. They cost money to run and that is why we ask for your help to invest in the future. 

Mental health is a growing problem for young Australians.
Never before have so many teenagers, and pre-teenagers experienced anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges.

By adding a mental wellness program into PCYCs across NSW, we will be able to help young people build resilience and grit, and an optimistic approach to daily life.

GRIT (Growth-mindset Resilience Intervention for Teenagers) blends physical fitness, nutrition education and specific mental resilience skills training, to develop more well-rounded, resilient kids, better equipped to cope with life’s ups and downs.

We are piloting the program this year, and we are asking for your support because our young people need GRIT. 

Ways to support PCYC NSW in Empowering Young People

Regular Donation

You can invest in the future of young people by making a regular donation. Your support helps reduce youth crime, because PCYC NSW’s early intervention programs transform young lives. Thanks to your regular donation, youth who are at risk or disadvantaged by circumstance gain access to PCYC’s programs and activities.

Your generous donation of $5 a week will provide a healthy breakfast to one young person who participates in PCYC’s Fit for Life program - providing young people who are in need of support with access to sports & fitness, nutrition and mentoring before school each week. Fit for Life runs in all 65 clubs, throughout the year. Four thousand (4,000) young people attend. 


One-Off Donation

Your donation is an investment in the future of our young people.

Your support helps reduce crime because PCYC’s early intervention programs transform young lives.
Thanks to you, youth at risk or disadvantaged by circumstance have access to PCYC’s programs and activities.
A one-off donation of $500 - covers the cost for one week of a young person attending Fit for Work.
Fit for Work is PCYC’s employment readiness skills training course. It runs 3 days a week for a 10 week term.

A one-off donation of $200 – covers the costs for a young indigenous person to attend Fit Together – a co-designed program to encourage positive relationships between the Police and Aboriginal communities and prevent re-offending.

In memoriam
Honour your loved one and help the next generation of young people transform their lives. An in-memoriam donation pays tribute to a loved one, and passes forward their memory, leaving a legacy of helping others.
You could set up an online tribute, organise a group collection in lieu of sending flowers, or just make a one-off personal donation.
Each gift in memory of your loved one is a gift of hope for the future.

In Celebration
Make your special occasion even more memorable by raising funds for PCYC. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, christening or Bar Mitzvah, Chinese New Year, Eid, or Christmas, ask your family and friends to make a charitable donation instead of giving gifts. Your support helps young people survive and thrive.  

Workplace Giving

Regular giving via automated payroll deductions is one of the easiest, and most cost-effective ways to support PCYC NSW's work empowering youth. By providing the option for your staff to donate via a payroll giving platform you can demonstrate your corporate social responsibility values.

We work with a significant number of organisations via their workplace giving programs, and can offer a comprehensive staff engagement program to communicate the great impact of your staff donations. Company matching of staff donations can give an additional incentive for staff to get involved and show an organisation’s commitment to helping young people survive and thrive. 


Corporate & Business Support

Reach out to us about how we can develop a mutually rewarding partnership. There are many different ways to contribute and make a real difference. We can help you determine the best approach, to meet your goals.

Some ideas include: sponsoring a program or event; establishing a workplace regular giving group; raising funds at your workplace through a fun-raiser; attending a PCYC event as a business team; skilled volunteering; and leveraging a partnership through a cause related marketing campaign. The opportunities are endless. Contact us on 1800 777 292 



At different stages of our lives we reflect and consider the turning points in our journeys.

We particularly remember the transformative experiences. For many people PCYC NSW has been a safe space, a place of learning and transformation. If you or someone you know has turned their life around with the help of PCYC, you can show your gratitude by leaving a lasting legacy for the future.

There are many ways to support PCYC with a bequest; including with a residual gift, leaving whole or part of your estate, donating a fixed specific gift or via a fixed sum of money gift. For further detail on these options, click the button below to download our advice on how to leave a gift to PCYC NSW in your will, or contact us directly on 1800 777 292.

Help the future of Youth - Leave a bequest for PCYC NSW in your will