Adult Sports

Season Dates

  • QPRC Indoor Sports plays all year round, excluding the Christmas/New Year shutdown period
  • There are three season each year. Teams can join throughout the year, even if the competition is in mid-season (provided there are spaces available).
  • See the guide below for when the Adult Sport seasons begin and end, please contact us for more specific details for each sport.

Season Guide

  • Summer Season – January through to April/May
  • Winter Season – April/May through to August/September
  • Spring Season – August/September through to December/January

Please note we are currently closed due to COVID-19, dates for the next season are not yet confirmed.

Conditions of Entry

QPRC Indoor Sports wish to provide an environment that is safe and enjoyable for our players, spectators, staff and officials.

General Conditions have been developed in order to assist us in providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all.

The General Conditions give overarching rules for QPRC Indoor Sports that are consistent across all Adult Sports. The General Conditions should be read in conjunction with the Sports Specific Rules which detail individual differences for each sport.

By agreeing to participate in QPRC Indoor Sports competitions, individuals agree to abide by the following Conditions of Entry: